Jerry Benson

As CEO of a private equity backed business, it is important to have an investor who will support the strategic direction of the business, invest for growth, bring experience and insight to both operations and the market and be supportive through the inevitable ups and downs of business. Throughout their  ownership of NRS, H2 have supported investment in facilities, agreeing the development of a new warehouse; in infrastructure, backing the implementation of new routing and scheduling software; and in people, facilitating the growth in our clinical and digital teams. They have brought a good balance of scrutiny and support and individuals within H2 have worked closely with the operational team to help deliver improvements and growth. They have also provided a good sounding board for new ideas for developing the business.

At exit, H2 worked closely with the management shareholders to deliver the best outcome for all parties. They have been receptive to management concerns and given due weight to managements views in terms of advisors and ultimate buyer. H2 have been a great investor with which to work.