John Makin

Having started working with H2 in December 2014, we immediately appreciated the benefit of their experience. They were able to execute the initial deal quickly and efficiently, calling on their own internal expertise to minimise distraction for the management team. H2 take a keen and ongoing interest in our business, and have always been a supportive and progressive investment partner. Their backing has enabled us to invest heavily, particularly in our operational capacity and capability, allowing us to scale the products and services that we previously provided and broaden our offerings into new growth areas. They also provided valuable support with the acquisition of a complementary business which has significantly increased our scale in the digital markets in which we operate.

Inevitably, there is a fine line between involvement and interference, and between encouragement and pressure, and we have always found H2 to be involved and encouraging in the right way presenting us with just the right amount of challenge. They quickly developed a genuine understanding of our business, actively participating in both our strategic and operational decision making and adding real value. Having worked in various roles with several Private Equity Houses, H2 are a valued partner and have brought significantly more than just capital to our business.