Mark Thomson

Let me address the acquisition process first:

What impressed us the most, and I think made the decision to go with H2, was the attitude and aptitude of the H2 team on the initial DD process. Their team were granted access to the Management team and spent a day working with our Team on the business – covering goals, aspirations, weaknesses and threats.  You listened and were able to offer sound advice based on the experience within your team. You will notice the use of the word ‘team’ quite a few times above and this is what I believe made the difference. It was clear [and remains true] that H2 work as a team pooling the strengths of the individuals to best help the acquired company. You also realise and have worked to help our team grow their skills and this has resulted in the stirling achievements of the business.

Working with H2:

The key element after almost 3 years – is there is clearly not an us and them attitude. Nothing is too much trouble and the H2 and GBUK team work on solving problems and opportunities together. We hear horror stories from other businesses that have been owned by other PE companies and the focus on number, numbers and more numbers.  We [GBUK and H2] have proven that working together on the process and improvement of each element of the business will achieve the desired results. Yes of course H2 challenge management – but without this pushing and subsequent help we would not be growing at the rate we are.