Mark Watson

From day one we knew we had found the right partner in H2, they quickly understood our business and the potential to develop it from a 50 year old family business to a more professional business by reviewing processes, margins, organic growth opportunities, organisation structure and acquisitions – all of which were actioned during our 4 years together.

Their help in providing an outsiders’ view of the business and where it should be going were really beneficial to the management team as it brought a new perspective to the team and the business.

A strategy was agreed at the outset which included all of the above plus succession planning resulting in the search for a new CEO and a candidate being recruited 2 years prior to exit, leading to a smooth transition and allowing myself to exit on completion.

The H2 team were very hands on when needed but also excellent at leaving the management team to perform their roles.

Whenever asked about H2’s involvement I always state that if selling to PE we were extremely lucky to have found such a great team as H2.