Optegra Eye Healthcare (“Optegra”) acquired Top Esthetic (“TE”) in August 2021 and Vidium Medica (“Vidium”) in December 2021. TE and Vidium are leading ophthalmology providers in the Czech and Polish markets respectively. 

Optegra generates circa £100 million sales and is a leading pan-European ophthalmology group with 27 eye care hospitals and 26 outpatient facilities. It has operations across the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Poland. Optegra provides a range of critical eye-care services including cataract surgeries and age-macular degeneration as well as leading innovative vision correction procedures. The business provides leading eye-care to publicly funded national healthcare systems such as the NHS as well as to self-pay patients. The group holds top 1 or 2 market positions in each of the countries in which it operates. Optegra has an exceptional clinical and management team and well invested facilities with ample capacity to support future growth. 

The acquisition of TE and Vidium is a further step in supporting the strategic vision for the group as a market-leading provider of standardized pathways driving clinical outcomes in ophthalmology care across Europe.

TE, founded in 2009, operates a network of eye clinics, and outpatient facilities in Prague and Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. It provides cataract treatments, refractive surgeries as well treating age-macular degeneration. 

Vidium Medica, founded in 2016, provides vision correction and cataract treatments across two clinics in Poland. 

Optegra UK recently opened its ninth eye care hospital in Newcastle, England to support local NHS patients.

For further information of Optegra, please visit www.optegra.com

Terry Musson

The Amberon Group is a market leading traffic management provider to the utilities and Local Authority markets. Amberon was established in May 2002 with our first depot in Paignton, South West England. Our founding core principles remain at the heart of everything that we do and our continued desire to achieve our purpose; to provide the best service in the Traffic Management sector. This has been the foundation for our success and has cemented our position as the market leader in TM.

During the initial transaction we never felt under any pressure & instantly recognised we would become part of the family. H2 took the time to listen to our views & business strategy, it was obvious from the very beginning that they would be the perfect partner for us.

The guys at H2 have enabled us to continue the momentum & have provided the expertise & knowledge to help us continue on the journey to constantly improve our service offering.

Working with H2 during the last 2 years has given us additional support not just financially but the advice & expertise has helped analytically & strategically.

The ambition and the drive H2 have is extremely infectious & continues to assist the group to overachieve.

It’s enormously reassuring to know H2 will always be at the end of the phone to offer advice but heartening to know they have the trust in us to deliver.