Track record

H2 Equity Partners is one of the oldest and most successful mid-market, hands-on investors in North-Western Europe with over 120 platform and buy & build transactions completed since 1991.

We have built an excellent track-record by focusing on structural improvement and growth – not on financial engineering. Fundamentally our strategy can be summarised as the aim to “build better businesses”. And as this takes time, our holding period can be longer than that of traditional leveraged buy-out investors, but ultimately this is reflected in the shareholder value created.

Our experienced team of investment professionals, of which most principals have extensive line management, consulting or CEO experience, are able to discuss with management and shareholders “at their level of knowledge”. As we have been in your position, we know that a spreadsheet is patient, but actual implementation and delivery of plans is difficult. As entrepreneurs with capital we speak the language of management & entrepreneurs.

Over the last 30 years there are few sectors we have not been involved in. In the “portfolio” section of our website your can view our existing portfolio as well as a selection of our historic transactions. This will give you a flavour of the breath and depth of our experience and our geographic coverage; from healthcare to defence, from industrial manufacturing to recruitment and from the east of the Netherlands to the west coast of Ireland! We continue to expand our track-record and experience with every transaction we do.

Terry Musson

The Amberon Group is a market leading traffic management provider to the utilities and Local Authority markets. Amberon was established in May 2002 with our first depot in Paignton, South West England. Our founding core principles remain at the heart of everything that we do and our continued desire to achieve our purpose; to provide the best service in the Traffic Management sector. This has been the foundation for our success and has cemented our position as the market leader in TM.

During the initial transaction we never felt under any pressure & instantly recognised we would become part of the family. H2 took the time to listen to our views & business strategy, it was obvious from the very beginning that they would be the perfect partner for us.

The guys at H2 have enabled us to continue the momentum & have provided the expertise & knowledge to help us continue on the journey to constantly improve our service offering.

Working with H2 during the last 2 years has given us additional support not just financially but the advice & expertise has helped analytically & strategically.

The ambition and the drive H2 have is extremely infectious & continues to assist the group to overachieve.

It’s enormously reassuring to know H2 will always be at the end of the phone to offer advice but heartening to know they have the trust in us to deliver.